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Governor Martin O’Malley And The Large Foot In His Mouth

September 3, 2012 2 comments

So, I only watch Sunday morning political talk shows when Rachel Maddow is on (and she’s not on very often) so not usually.  But yesterday, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley managed to throw President Obama’s re-election campaign under the bus (which he later clarified) The question from Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation was, “can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago?” to which O’Malley responded with, “no.”


I guess Governor O’Malley hasn’t been paying much attention to what’s been going on in the country the last four years.  Really?  No?!  I know I’m a progressive and all, and somewhat “biased,” but let’s be clear here.  If we’re comparing our country now to the Bush years, I would have yelled a resounding “YES!” to Mr. Schieffer.

Just take a look at this graph in terms of job growth.

(and just in case you need some helping reading, George W. Bush is in the red.)

Overall Economy – Courtesy of the Rachel Maddow Show

Private Sector Jobs – Courtesy of the Rachel Maddow Show

Yeah…that’s what I thought.

Now, if that doesn’t help you to understand even more, how successful the Obama presidency has been, here are just a few more accomplishments:
You get my point, right?
This is just a few things President Obama and his administration have done since taking office in January, 2009
Honestly, we could go on and on, but we won’t.  Instead, I will let President Obama and his colleagues do that during this week’s Democratic National Convention.
But to understand all of these accomplishments and the complexities that went with them, you also need to understand empirical evidence, which many American’s don’t even bother with anymore (look at climate change)  We have seen success these last few years.  Instead, American’s sit through hours upon hours of conservative commentators and politicians who just flat out lie, producing no real facts, painting the President and his administration as a failure, instead of helping him and others in Congress do the right thing for America.
No wonder it looks like the President hasn’t done anything!  This is the sort of thing you see on television day in and day out and the media doesn’t bother to fact check.
But honestly, let’s look back at the fall of 2008.  Do you remember what it was like?  America was on the brink of collapse.  I remember driving to work on the 710 freeway in Los Angeles, listening to NPR about how AIG was done.  DONE!
As someone advocating on the front lines of the foreclosure crisis in Los Angeles back then, the middle class were facing incredible challenges already, and by this point, by September 2008, things were only going to get worse.  It was so bad that Senator John McCain, then running for President, decided to take the “day off” of campaigning to fly to Washington, DC to “help out?”
Remember what a disaster that was?
Going back would be a disaster.
If conservatives are sick and tired of hearing us progressives continue to blame the Bush Administration for our great recession, four years after President Obama’s inauguration, it’s because we should never forget.  It was easy for conservatives to forget George W. Bush during last week’s Republican National Convention, but it’s not that simple for us.  President Bush was not mentioned because those Bush years are a reminder to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan of how his policies (their policies now) have ruined our economy for many years to come, a disaster that was left to the Obama administration to fix and who has done what he can under the circumstances.
I’d rather not throw in any of the football metaphor’s both candidates have been throwing around lately but honestly.  Do you really want to pull the star quarterback from a very important game they’re close to winning? I didn’t think so.
So the question is simple, Governor O’Malley.  Are we better off than we were four years ago?  Absolutely!

Netroots Nation Day 2 – My Journey To Meet (Stalk) Elizabeth Warren.

June 13, 2012 5 comments

Friends! My apologies for the delay on this post.  I was planning to live blog Netroots Nation as the days progressed, but it was jam packed.  JAM PACKED I TELL YA!

So Friday started off a bit…well, slow. Not sure if it was the time change or what, but I just was not feeling myself.  In any event, I did my best on Friday morning to get up and get moving, making my way to see my 2nd favorite politico in the world, Mrs. Elizabeth Warren.

I’ll get to her in a few.

Washington State Congressional Candidate Marcy Burner

The amazing thing about keynotes is that we’re not only rewarded by the “keynote” themselves, but we’re also introduced to, or at least I was, to other very important people, in this case…strong, smart and vocal women in the current political movement.  For a woman in love with politics, I was thrilled about this luncheon and what better way to get things started then with the discussion on “2012 and the War on (and for) Women!”

Washington congressional candidate, Darcy Burner, was a great and a refreshing surprise! I can’t tell you how incredibly powerful her speech was during this luncheon.  I’m not going to lie, at first I was kind of turned off by the Power Point presentation, but if you sit through the entire speech, you begin realize that it’s more than just a presentation…it’s a powerful message, one that both inspires yet cautions us on the future of this country.

This year, women have been under attack…you cannot dispute this.  Darcy exemplified a voice the GOP have attempted to suppress these last few months, but they have failed.  Like Darcy, women are not going to sit out this election year and where you’ll find them is at the voting booth.  Women will remember and we will vote.

Marcy’s speech was the most impressionable out of all of the speeches this weekend, at least for me anyway.  I was just so excited to be in the presence of such great women, including Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono.

Now, when the luncheon ended, I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to talk or even shake the hand of kick-ass, Elizabeth Warren.  Act Blue was planning to have an event later that afternoon and she was expected to be there, so I figured I’d wait it out.   So I waited…and waited…and waited…

As I show up to Act Blue, I got the opportunity to meet Mary Ellen Broderick, candidate for New Mexico State legislature.  She’s incredible, folks! Please check her out and donate a few dollars to her campaign.  Most importantly, had I not met Mary Ellen that very moment, I wouldn’t have learned what a douche a certain someone was.  I actually got to witness, from afar, former Florida congressman Alan Grayson tell Ms. Broderick that in regards to her campaign here in New Mexico, “he has no money” to support her election efforts.  Wow! I mean, for a congressman, who just a few years ago was a nobody, you’d think he’d have the best interest to elevate someone at the local level, committed to a progressive calling.  Instead, he said…”uh, no and next!” I was never a big fan of Mr. Grayson and on this very evening, he did not gain an enthusiastic follower.  Go Mary Ellen!

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

So…still.  No Elizabeth Warren.  Although I had to stand through a miserable Alan Grayson speech, he was definitely topped by United States Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, an avid guest on the Rachel Maddow Show and someone making every effort to support our the working class in this country.

But again…no Elizabeth Warren.

My friend Hilda, from San Jose, texted me around this time and reminded me about Google’s party downstairs.  Oh, right! Google.  What could they possibly have that Act Blue didn’t have?

Free beer.

So there I went, chasing after Google and the free beer.  Listen, it seemed wrong to leave but you’ll understand in a bit.

As I arrived to the Google party, I’m overwhelmed by all the incredibly cute and adorable Google boys on site.  I’m sorry, I don’t have access to cute nerds in rural New Mexico, so I apologize for my enthusiasm. Actually, no.  I will not apologize.

Anyway, I discover that Google has launched Google Politics & Elections! It’s so awesome and such a useful

My Google Cup Runneth Over

tool!  There were two touch screens set up  and on display and we were allowed to play around with the tool.  I had the ability to search elections being held around the world and of course, politics here at home.  I tried to be funny by searching President Obama and “birth certificate.”  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one because there were millions of others doing the same.

After collecting my third Google cup of beer, one blue, one red and one yellow (Google color coordination you see) my friend and I decided to try to check out the local restaurants and finally sit down and eat a real meal in Providence.  As her and I were heading up to our room to freshen up, we noticed that there were a lot of people moving into a nearby conference room and we decided to follow them.  As we entered the room, we noticed many Netroots Nation goer’s and realized that it was a party being hosted by Emily’s List.  I LOVE Emily’s List!! So we decided to stay.

First person I run into is Ruth Leitman, the documentary filmmaker, who filmed, Tony and Janina’s American Wedding, a film depicting a family and their struggles to maneuver through our broken immigration system.

As Ruth and I chat about her work near the doorway, I catch a figure from my left and OH MY GOD IT’S

Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren

ELIZABETH WARREN!!! My excitement was no surprise to her because you could see it in her facial expression.  I must have looked hilarious.  Not only was I holding a Google cup(s) of beer, I also had Google sunglasses on my head, looking like I just stepped out of a spring break commercial.  Lucky for me, though…Elizabeth Warren kicks ass and she didn’t care how ridiculous I was and instead thanked me for my work as consumer protection advocate.  Unless it was the only thing she could say to shut me up.

I can’t say that this was the height of my young political career, but it came pretty close.  Elizabeth Warren is someone I have followed and respected since 2009 and her ability to stand up against the banks and against Secretary of Treasury, Timothy Geitner, who was on the verge of tears due to her questioning TARP money in 2009.  I was disappointed last year when she did not become the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, but I’m extremely confident she will be responsible for the defeat of Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts come November and reclaim Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat for Democrats, where it belongs.

Co-Creator of The Daily Show and author of Lizz Free or Die

After my meeting with Elizabeth, Ruth, Hilda and I left the party and headed out to meet Lizz Windstead, co-creator of the Daily Show and now author of her new book, “Lizz Free or Die.”  She was fabulous…I mean FABULOUS!! Although Alan Grayson showed up late into the night and occupied his arse on a bench next to the infamous Lizz Winstead, it was a great ending to an incredibly awesome day.

Day 3 later.

Libya…now what?

March 29, 2011 1 comment


President Barack Obama

“In such cases, we should not be afraid to act — but the burden of action should not be America’s alone.  Because contrary to the claims of some, American leadership is not simply a matter of going it alone and bearing all of the burden ourselves. Real leadership creates the conditions and coalitions for others to step up as well; to work with allies and partners so that they bear their share of the burden and pay their share of the costs; and to see that the principles of justice and human dignity are upheld by all.”

President Obama’s speech to the nation regarding the decision to go into Libya last week.

I find it difficult to reach a level of certainty on anything surrounding the debate over Libya and United States intervention when I feel like there really is no right answer.  We have two schools of thought on this issue.  The first, are those on the Left and some on the Right (the latter providing very little factual information other than to obstruct) who say we should not have gone in and used any kind of force towards Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.  This mindset is “United States, a democratic country, going into a Muslim region (again), and dictating once again our philosophy towards a presently chaotic, highly political region like the Middle East.”  Then there is the second school of thought, where morality comes into question and we find ourselves feeling obligated to help prevent the extermination of a people from a terrible dictator.

I was and continue to stand against the Bush doctrine and the lies it created in an effort to start an unnecessary war in Iraq.  The reason I supported candidate Obama in 2007/2008 was because I, like many others, were in encouraged to see a candidate, finally oppose the actions taken in the Middle East.  This all meant something to those of us, who have always been against the Iraq war, or any war for that matter, made up of lies with a foundation bordering manifest destiny.

When it comes to foreign affairs and international conflict, President Obama and I are not always

Protests in Libya

on the same page.  For one, I did not support his stance on sending additional troops to Afghanistan.  I was actually in tears the day he stood at West Point in December, 2009 informing us of this decision.  Despite all of this, I do have to say that I am aligned with those who found it necessary to support his decision to go to Libya.  I do believe that those facing the wrath of Qaddafi and his army were in dire straights all the while there are those who oppose the President’s decision, and are adamant about showing their growing disappointment on this issue.  While I do accept the criticisms from the other side and perhaps find those arguments justifiable, I also find it disheartening to see those against this decision provide no solution or alternative.  I get that there is this issue of “Why Libya and not Yemen?”  I get all those arguments, I do.  I guess I am unable say why a “one over the other” debate matters.

I was upset this evening because my DVR did not record the Rachel Maddow Show, so I am a bit cranky.  However, I did catch the segment where Dr. Maddow points out the speech given by President Obama accepting his Nobel Peace Prize, and comparing his commitment to follow a process when faced with international challenges, to his speech tonight and the decision made towards Libya.  The President did in Libya what he described that Fall in 2009.  As he described again tonight, “the United States had a moral responsibility to stop “violence on a horrific scale,” Were we in a position to watch Libya unfold before our eyes without any involvement or was this the only option we had?  Again, I don’t know.

When it comes to the debate on war, I always side with diplomacy and I am hopeful that despite these last nine days, diplomacy will rule the day.  Until then, we watch and we wait to see what tomorrow my bring…if it were up to me? A slow news day.