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DON’T GOOGLE SANTORUM!!! And other things the GOP should worry about.

January 3, 2012 3 comments

Really, Republicans? Here we are, the day of the Iowa Caucus and days away from the New Hampshire primary and we have Rick Santorum rising in the polls and perhaps the next flavor of the week. Did we just not have this conversation a few weeks ago with Newt Gingrich?…and Herman Cain?…and Donald Trump? I’m seeing a pattern here and it is obvious. GOP supporters have absolutely no confidence in their leaders and appear convinced that if it’s not this candidate, it has to be the next one. It has to be!

People. Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination. This is a given. The man has the money and the backing from those at the helm of the Republican Party. Although this is obvious to those of us spectating the entertaining drama unfolding, there is a serious situation within the Republican Party and its base. The voters participating in the GOP primaries are not entirely comfortable with the idea of having Mitt Romney as “their” candidate of choice going up against President Obama in November. But what is the alternative? The other candidates surrounding him have not done it for the voters and like those before him, neither will Rick Santorum, today’s Republican sweetheart.

It’s likely Romney loses Iowa, but unless there is some freak of nature it appears he could go on to win New Hampshire and then gain momentum to take the nomination. But at what cost? Mitt Romney is currently fighting Ron Paul and RICK SANTORUM for first in tonight’s caucus! Yes, Iowa means nothing to us. It is more of a symbolic electoral event than anything else. But unfortunately for Mitt Romney, after a year long campaign, he is still not the GOP favorite. He may go on and win this thing in the end, but right now it’s not such a flattering position to be in.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Mitt’s lack luster candidacy and how it was better for Mitt Romney to just drop out of the race. I knew then what I know now which is, Mitt will not drop out, but gawd…he really should! Yes, he pretty much has this thing in the bag and he just has to coast through until it’s all over, just like he’s done for most of the last year. And while politics isn’t about “feelings” I can’t help but wonder what the man must be feeling right now, especially today as Rick Santorum becomes the next best thing for Iowans and the Republican base. For a man that has been at this for almost a decade…seems to understand the ins and outs of the campaign trail, wouldn’t you feel a bit… inadequate? You’re obviously not your bases number one choice and I doubt he cares…but I think he should and this should worry him going in to the general election. If you’re own base doesn’t like you, what makes you think the rest of the country will?

The Mitt Romney of today is not the same guy we knew early on in the 2000s. He was not the guy we knew as Governor of Massachusetts and he’s definitely not the Mitt from 2008 when he had a pretty good chance of winning the nomination then. Today’s Mitt is desperate. He knows the Republican base has moved very far to the right in the last three years…so far right that I’m sure even he’s uncomfortable with it. Yet he wants this presidency so bad, he’s willing to look as ridiculous as this guy.

Mitt knows that if it’s not this presidential election, there will be no other and if so, Mitt is done and so he is panicking and doing and saying things that perhaps in the back of his mind he too realizes it’s too over the top. But let’s gain some perspective here. This is where today’s GOP is in general. Over the top! But in the end…when all has been said and done and the GOP nomination is handed down, Mitt will be the guy — despite the bases reservations the Republican leadership (if one exists) will not allow someone like Rick Santorum or Ron Paul take on President Obama…where they will lose and they will lose big.

Despite the disappointment people across party lines have had with President Obama’s administration (especially emoprogs), Barack Obama will win re-election. The GOP has no one and this primary has solidified that conclusion by the numerous flavors of the week in the last 12 months. There is also the massive shift to the right by the party, including Mitt Romney who has catered to the fringe and no one…and I mean no one, will take him seriously in the general election. Unlike what the Beltway media would like you to believe, the rest of the country does not think like the Tea Party, this is the truth. Additionally, with the growing populist movements across the country in the last year starting in Wisconsin and Ohio in early 2011 and Occupy Wall Street last summer, the right’s fringe is dilapitating in a huge way and will cost Mitt in the long run. While the turnout may not be as large as it was in 2008, the Republican’s are going down.

This is a GOP implosion. When 2011 began, progressives like myself were concerned about the future of our democratic ideals, wondering if perhaps we had missed our chance. What we didn’t see coming, however, was the strong turnout from the working class and the working poor who have voiced their disapproval in a way I could not have imagined and have proven how out of touch today’s Republican Party is. This, while a strong statement, in my opinion could result in their inevitable ideological demise. The Republican leadership like Speaker Boehnor and Rep. Cantor have done very little to exasperate the chaos not seen in Congress in a long time. Since winning the House in 2010, this uncertainity has spilled over to their presidential candidates, where there is no clear winner. Now it’s up to the Democrats to jump on this opportunity…that is, if they are tough enough to do so in 2012.