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The Ground Game Is Always The Best Game.

I won!! 

After more than 2,000 doors knocked, over 1,000 pieces of literature left at the doors, after countless 1-1 conversations with voters, after 8,000 pieces of narrowly targeted pieces of mail dropped, after more than 300 handsome ‪#‎RubioNM35‬ pins given to supporters, after installing over 100 yard signs around the district, after participating in a dozen fundraisers and forums, and after slamming social media and supporter email lists, and after walking the streets to turn out 100s of last minute voters on Election Day, we left it to the voters.

#RubioNM35 campaign heard stories of pain and hopelessness–and we  also heard stories of resilience, and people searching for a comeback. So many people showed up for me and this campaign. As we work towards November’s general election and beyond, my onely hope is that we continue to show up for our neighbors today and tomorrow and next week.

One thing I’ve been reflecting on is that we always ask the question of, “why don’t people vote?” Except the question we should be asking is, “Why aren’t we giving people a reason to vote?”

As I move onto the general election, it is clear that the conversation’s I have had at the doors the last six months will continue to dominate the next five months. The difference is that the conversations will expand to Independents and Republican’s. For most Democrats, this is a scary scenario–but I am so excited about this opportunity.

I know that campaigns are supposed to be political, but when we are making decisions that impact everyone, we must operate from a place of values and non-partisan politics. At least I know I will.

I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but with a little honey and/or sugar, we can all agree that tea can always taste better than we thought.


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