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When You Think You’ve Heard Them All

Although today was supposed to be my day off, it turned out to be super busy and ultimately productive day, filled with learning. It wasn’t the meetings I attended this afternoon that taught me anything. It was the door-to-door I have been doing since January, that shined a light on how disconnected policy makers are from constituents and how far constituents feel from their lawmakers. 

As I was heading to a meeting at the county office, my phone rang from a local number I did not recognize. 

I was in such a rush that I considered not answering. But I quickly decided to pick up, “Hello?

Gentleman: “Is this the Rubio campaign?”

I hesitated for a sec (as it’s still hard to get used to hearing that)

“Yes, I am Angelica. Who is this?” 

Gentleman says, “I’m Edward. You left a flier on my door and I’m calling to find out about Election Day.” 

Me: “_______” 

Edward: “Hello?” 

Me: “Yes! Election Day is June 7 and early voting starts May 10. Are you planning to vote?” 

Edward: “I vote in every election! I’m going to vote for you!” 

Me: “_______” 

Edward: “Hello??” 

Me: “Sir, that’s awesome! I’m so happy to hear that. But you and I haven’t met and I’m running against two other Democrats. What made you decide to vote for me?” 

Edward: “Not one campaign has ever come to my door. You’re the first.” 

Me: *tears well up my eyes* “Thank you, sir. I really appreciate your support and your vote.” 

Folks. In this man’s 70+ years, a Democrat who has consistently voted in elections, has not once had a candidate or lawmaker visit his home to pay him a visit. 

Think about that. Never. 

Tomorrow I head out to another day of door knocking and it’s stories like these that motivate me. It’s stories like these that remind me time and time again on how critical one-to-one’s are. 

We don’t always have the answers. It’s the people behind the doors who do. 

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