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New Post, New Phase.

As many of you know, I have launched my campaign to run for the New Mexico Legislature.

But I’ll get back to that in a bit.

As of late, I have been thinking about and reflecting on The Rubio Dispatch and the impact it has made on my life. For those of you who don’t know, it really has.

When I left Los Angeles and returned to New Mexico six years ago, this blog eventually became my outlet. I was living in my tiny hometown of Lake Arthur, with my parents and my new dog–Lennon. At the time, I was feeling incredibly dissatisfied with my decision to come home–and more specifically, with the politics around me. I wasn’t really listening to anyone. Honestly, I would be hanging out at Farley’s in Roswell, for example, and as soon as I heard someone say something remotely conservative, I would tune them out instantly.

(Including my family)

Except for my nephew, Gerardo. Who thought up this brilliant idea for me to start this blog. It was a Sunday morning and we had just come home from having breakfast with the rest of the family, and of course, I was super moody because someone must have said something that pissed me off. So Gerardo says, “why don’t you just write about it?”

Ok, for a Junior at Lake Arthur High School–he was a real prophetic kid.

And that is how this journey began.

So it should not be any surprise that the decision to run and the experiences I have had thus far in my professional career, is what has fueled my desire to get back to my roots and resurrect this blog.

(No pun intended i.e. Holy Week)

The reason I have decided to bring back the Rubio Dispatch is because as a writer, I must keep writing during the long hours of this campaign. Secondly, The Dispatch deserves to stay alive because, for someone who didn’t realize she was a writer, the blog created a space for me to write and to share my thoughts publicly, one of the scariest things ever! Third, for a political junkie living in SE New Mexico, my blog provided me with a platform for being the so-called “progressive” in the region, and also helped me to expand my thoughts beyond politics and more on issues and values. Finally, The Dispatch gave me amazing opportunities to meet and interview leaders like Senator Tom Udall and one of my shero’s, Elizabeth Warren (Which, by the way, I met at Netroots Nation in 2013 after winning a full scholarship after mobilizing a gazillion people from my Twitter network)

I must keep The Dispatch in tact because it has lead me to this very moment–to share my story of what it is like to be a woman of color, from rural New Mexico, who has worked tirelessly on the ground as an organizer and now taking a leap of faith into public policy–by running for a seat in the state’s legislature.

Many have come before me, I know. But there is still something to be said with the number of women who are still not yet a part of the leadership in Santa Fe. Although women have joined the ranks of legislatures throughout the country, quintupling in numbers since 1971, only 27% of the Legislature in New Mexico is made up of women, and a fraction of that are women of color. According to the US Census, women make up 51% of the state of New Mexico, and although I’m unclear at this moment (and if anyone can help me with that data) as to the percentage of women who are of color, I gather that there are quite a few of us.

My point is–the decision to run for office was not an easy one. In fact, it is something that I pondered for months. But it took women like me, who count on me–who have helped and supported me throughout my life, who gave me every reason to run.

It was close male friends in my network who encouraged me to run because they get how important it is to have my perspective at the table. It was my four sisters and brother, who fear watching their younger sister be treated poorly through this process–politicizing issues that I care about, and yet understanding that it is worth the sacrifice in order to give a voice to the many. Finally, it is my Mexican parents, who having only attained a third grade education, and received a Ph.D. in life, looking at me today, only to say, “pos bueno” and signing a cross from my head to my heart.

So far my experience during this election season has been surprisingly joyful and encouraging, with so many people being super supportive. I know it’s just the beginning. but for the next 76 days, I will document each day…even if just to say, “it was awesome” because I know you share this walk along with me.

So, thank you for joining me on this ride! Even if you’re not into politics…this is a documentation of something incredibly special and I know that is something we can all agree on.

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  1. Lois
    March 22, 2016 at 10:27 PM

    I wish you well. Lived in Roswell in 2008 and campaigned for President Obama. Now I in Albuquerque. will follow you r blog. We need to change the gender situation in NM politics…more women. Lois Detwiler

    • March 23, 2016 at 8:32 AM

      Thank you, Lois! I really appreciate you reading and I appreciate your support. Thank you again! I’ll be posting daily.


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