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Just Sayin’ Blog Post. I Write Periodically.

It’s a rainy, Sunday, afternoon here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. What better motivation than to have the rain pounding on my roof to get my brain working, right? I could certainly be napping, but then again…I’ve been doing a lot of that the last couple of days. With a three day weekend coming to a close, sleep is probably the last thing I should be doing right now. (but it has been awesome!) Just ask my dog, Lennon. He’s been staring at me the last hour, his eyes and ears motioning for me to get up and take him out for his walk.

I’m here to apologize (once again) to my dear readers out there. It’s been more than six months since my last blog post.  (that also sounded like a confession)

No. I have not been sleeping this entire time. 

Full disclosure, I’m currently running the Las Cruces minimum wage campaign. So, the silence has not been for the heck of it. I’ve actually been kinda busy.

I honestly have nothing to write about. There is a lot to say and there are a lot of things happening that deserve some attention. But right now, I’m just spending most of my time thinking about stuff and what’s next. 

I cannot say I’ve lost all hope in humanity. But we’re getting pretty damn close.

I gotta say, though. What gives me hope are the countless people, in Las Cruces for example, who come in each and every day and share their stories about this minimum wage campaign so far, and how they’re changing people’s lives, one person at a time. I’m also hearing folks ask, “what ‘s next? When we win in November, what will be the next battle?”

People are excited. We’re building community. No candidate could create this energy.  This is organizing.  

There are things happening at the local level, that as an organizer, keeps me grounded for the next fight. Although I’d like to keep my eyes and ears open for what is happening across the globe, there are battles that need to be won here at home that have the potential to contribute universally. So for all of you out there fighting the good fight. Stick to what you know and know that what you’re doing at the local level, certainly paves the way for some real and awesome transformation. Because that is where we win. That is where our communities win. That is how we really change the world. 


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