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You’ve Got To Fight, For Your Right, To Vote!

Remember when the working-poor, students, the elderly, and people of color were committing fraud by falsely documenting voter registration forms in order to vote in an American election?

Yeah.  Me either.

The last year or so, we have seen an increase in voter suppression laws all across the country, so much so that it could be devastating to the electorate this coming election and hand the Republican party’s, Mitt Romney (and many other horribly selected Republican candidates), a clear victory on November 6 if we don’t do something to stop it.

“So, wait…what is going on?” you ask?

I know.  It’s confusing, right?  All along you thought you could just show up at your local polling place and just…vote!  I mean, this is America.


It’s not going to be that easy for millions of people this year, who may face a considerable amount of drama due to very repressive and restrictive laws keeping honest American’s from exercising their most basic right.

Ok.  So for the last year or so, leadership in states like Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, (and many, MANY more) insist voter fraud is incredibly prevalent across their communities and must be intensely scrutinized.  However, fraud is almost non-existent and nothing like described on the far-right.  In fact, there have only been a few cases of some questionable voting practices but nowhere near what Republican’s and conservatives on the right are claiming.  Instead, what we find is that your chances of getting eaten by a shark are greater than for there being any issue with voter fraud.

But these suppression laws have passed and although some have been shot down by a higher court or are facing the courts now due to appeal from many legal entities attempting to defend our voter rights, these laws struck down are still, believe it or not, being implemented by many across the state.

Ok.  So you’re sitting there thinking, “well, what’s wrong with showing our IDs?”  “What could honestly be the big deal?”  Well, there are many reasons why many of us defenders of voting rights find this problematic.  First and foremost, not all people have the privilege of having an ID.  Sure, it’s not something that’s denied to anyone, but not everyone needs to have one for everyday use and to get one just to vote would be costly for many. According to a study from NYU’s Brennan Center, 11 percent of voting-age citizens lack necessary photo ID while many people in rural areas have trouble accessing ID offices.  Furthermore, states that provide free ID cards are a great alternative, but what happens to those who can’t afford to pay for additional costs such as having to pay to provide additional documents to obtain this ID card they may never use after election day? (i.e. birth certificate) Finally, there is an incredible disadvantage for these groups as well as those agencies needing to provide the documentation.  Many of these laws were thrown into the law books way too far into election season.  Think about it.  Election day is in less than 40 days and many government agencies that usually provide these identification cards may or may not have the processing capability or capacity to provide these cards in a timely fashion.

This morning, Melissa Harris Perry made it very clear, this isn’t a “Fox News” moment.  Let’s not get all “conspiracy theorist-like,” but the issue is clear.  The demographics affected the most by these laws (noted above) are groups that have historically voted for the Democratic candidate.  So it is no coincidence that here we are, a few weeks away from an important presidential election and these laws could prevent millions of voters from voting.  More importantly, preventing those same people from voting for a candidate they voted for overwhelmingly in 2008.


So right now, yes.  President Obama is ahead in the polls.  But these polls mean absolutely nothing if people are unable to exercise their basic right to vote.  Think about that.  Also this about this.  If voting doesn’t matter to many of us out there unwilling to participate in this very basic right, than why is the Republican party doing everything in their power to take that one right away from us.

The Republican party insists fraud is occurring and that it is mostly coming from groups many progressives represent (like those mentioned above).  But check this out! Yesterday it was discovered that a consulting agency being paid for by the the Republican Party, may have committed fraud themselves.  According to developing reports, Strategic Allied Consulting, a firm collaborating with others who have a history of tampering with Democratic forms, has been fired by the Republican Party due to serious discrepancies in voter registration forms across the country.

Aside from this situation itself, a very awful recording was discovered from a local Republican phone banker in Florida, stating the following:

Y’all sound like y’all are senior citizens, right? Yeah. We don’t want — you don’t want Obama. You really don’t want Obama because he’ll get rid of your Medicare. You might as well say goodbye to it. Yeah, and I don’t know if you’ve done any research on Obama or not, but he is a Muslim. He is — got a socialistic view on the, you know, the economy, the government, the whole nine yards. Um, if he had his way, we would be a socialistic country. Okay, really, do. Pay attention to Fox News. If you can get out and watch that movie 2016 do so. That has a lot of good information. Just really the newspapers and the Fox News will help you out; will help you. Okay, appreciate it sir. Thank you. Uh huh. Bye-bye.

Voter suppression laws are real but they aren’t real in the way the Republican party is portraying it to the rest of us.  Students, the elderly, people of color, and the low-income and working poor are not responsible for any decline in our democracy.  It is the Republican party and the shadiness that they continue to delve into in order to gain power and win elections.  This coming November we need to beat them with real power.

Our right to vote.


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