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Negative Rhetoric in Immigration Debate. Here’s What I Have to Say About That.

So a couple of weeks ago, I did an interview with Christaan Perez from Hofstra’s Morning Wake Up Call on WRHU.

It was my very first phone interview on the topic of the media’s negative rhetoric in immigration debate since my article was published for the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) November/December issue.

Please bare with me and my use of the sound, “um.”  Apparently it’s my favorite sound to use while I’m talking.  It also could have been because it was REALLY early in the morning.

I really hope I was able to convey what I’ve been writing about in recent months, in terms of the media’s use of the word, “illegal” and how this language only deters us from having a thoughtful and critical debate on finding a policy solution to our broken immigration system.

It’s one thing to work on thoughtful “policy,” but it’s another to politicize the issue, creating a fearful environment for the millions of undocumented individuals who continue to live in the shadows and who are only here to make a better life for themselves and for their families.

Finally, after listening to this recent interview, I’ve also come to the conclusion that perhaps I need to continue to practice on my public speaking and not be afraid to say what I feel passionate about, in a very concise and clear voice.  So, with that, I’ve decided to start a podcast to supplement what I’m already writing about.  I’ll post further information in the coming days, but it should be a good start for learning to express myself in the voice I’ve been given.

Stay tuned!

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