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Mitt…do us all a favor and drop out.

It seems that recently I have had to start my blogs with some form of “I’m sorry.” My apologies for not having blogged in a few weeks. To be honest, the ideas are there and the laziness has not overcome me (great news, actually). Quite the opposite, really. I’ve been writing A LOT and as soon as I can, I will share my recent piece. Hopefully real soon.

Overall, I want to say I don’t think Ive really missed much. Let’s see…Occupy Wall Street has grown exponentially bigger than what many expected, Penn State, (I really don’t need to get in depth, do I?) US will soon be “leaving” Iraq, Egypt just had its first round of elections last week since removing long time dictator Hosni Mubarak…hmmm, what else?

Oh right! We’re still trying to figure out which GOP candidate is going to go head to head with President Barack Obama in 2012.

I know I wrote about this a few weeks ago but I seriously can’t help my myself. We have had to endure, wow…like four or five front-runners in the Republican Party nominee race. Now, if you would have told me a year ago that Newt Gingrich would be the guy in the lead today, or any other day for that matter, I would have told you to get out of my face. Really, GOP? All you got is Newt?


For the millionth time, I am going to stick to my initial theory, “Mitt Romney is the most hated guy on the right.” He has to be! Who goes from polling the same number consistently while others pull ahead of him, not once, not twice, not three times…even the “generic” Republican is polling better than Mitt! Aside from John Huntsman, Mitt is, well…was the most moderate of all the candidates, but that’s neither here nor there because if you compare to the rest of the pack, Mitt is still someone who has the better chance of taking on President Obama, in my opinion. The rest of them are a joke (with the exception of Mitt’s interview with Fox News last week) But according to Republican voters, from where I’m sitting, that may no longer be the case.

Romney has had a tough few weeks and his latest slip with Fox News doesn’t help him either.

I’m willing to bet that Mitt doesn’t win the nomination. Honestly, I really don’t think it will happen. Think about it. He knew from the beginning that his opponents were a laughing stalk. He had to believe he was a shoe in and has done so ever since and lays lows thinking it’s over. Perhaps that was what his advisors were “advising” however I believe it was probably the wrong advice and now he’s not doing well.

The response from the GOP base is that he’s not the one. First, scary Michelle Bachmann takes the lead, then the laughable Donald Trump, then there was this whole “is Sarah gonna run, not going to run?” business. All of the sudden Herman Cain comes out of nowhere and then, before you know it, Newt Gingrich?!

Dude…Mitt! You’re done! I think the right has made it perfectly clear…you’re not their guy. What more will it take for you to understand that it’s just not going to happen for you? Again.

I am the one Rachel Maddow heard cheering the other night. Newt winning the primary would be an awesome birthday gift come May. Hopefully we’ll know by then.

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