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GOP Presidential Candidate –> NEXT!

When will the Republican Party realize that their perfect candidate will never win.  For months now, we have had to endure countless debates, speculating on who will be the Republican front-runner, knowing well that the “flavor of the month” will change once again…and again…and again.  First it was Michelle Bachmann…then it was Rick Perry…then Herman Cain and now…yes, now…our former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.  First off, I feel really bad for Mr. Romney.  Who needs to be told straight to their face that you suck when it’s been told to you every other way for the last eleven months.

Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination.  That’s inevitable.  He’ll go on to the general election and people will attempt to measure him up to President Obama and in the end, he will lose in 2012.  But at what cost?  So far in the GOP primaries, Governor Romney has shown those of us in the center and the left that he’s far from supporting anything we care for.  He’s shown his distaste for unions, but publicly supporting the end of collective bargaining in Ohio.  In the state of Mississipi, who last week, had the law passed, would have made an embryo….yes, an effin’ embryo a “person”–Romney supported that.  Then there is President Obama’s health care reform law, which Mitt has totally gone against even though the guy led the way for similar initiatives to pass in his own state of Massachusetts and who’s own people advised the President on developing the bill itself.

Let’s face it.  The Republican Party despises Romney.  Are they willing to allow him to win this thing because there is no one else to take on President Obama?

This is my major concern.  Not so much for the general population itself, but of those on the right.  I believe that those of us on the center or the left of center are the majority.  I believe that most of us eligible to vote in this country we call, America, are progressives — forward thinkers.  We care about each other.  We want each other to be successful and we care about the future of this country and the individual rights that go along with being a citizen in this country.  The small minority on the right, however do not believe this wholeheartedly, yet they are the group leading the nation-wide debate.  They  have somehow convinced the GOP field,  those up there representing them today, that they are representative of the Republican Party of the future.

America is better then this.  We all believe that workers have rights.  We believe that women have rights.  We believe that those who drive our economy are not those at the top 1% of our income brackets, but instead those in the middle class…who will quickly disappear if we don’t do something about it quick.  We believe that everyone can afford the American Dream and have every right to pursue happiness…whatever that may be.

The GOP have a long way to go.  As the primaries begin as early as the first week of January, we look to see what message the Republican base wants to send as they vote for their 2012 presidential candidate…although that message may still be unclear even as they face the polls on election day.

Do they push for another “flavor of the month” like Newt Gingrich…or will they play it safe with the biggest loser, Mitt Romney who may still do very little in the end?


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