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Birther’s Debunked, Deather Insanity and Progressive Implosion

“I hate ‘progressives’ who only support human rights when the Republicans are in charge” — @JC_Christian

This is a tweet I read this afternoon which inspired me to write today.  Although it is the most talked about discussion right now, I really hope that this is the last post I write regarding Osama Bin Laden and his demise.

For the last couple days I have had mixed feelings about my thoughts as a progressive, on the capture and killing of Bin Laden.  The last 48 hours have been a carnival of hype, exploiting of the issue and regurgitating the news — hey, it’s the best way we know how to do here in American media and politics, right?  While my feelings about the situation were clearly displayed on my blog on Sunday night, I still hold true to those feelings, but with greater caution.

The last two days have placed me smack in the middle of two minority factions of people in this country and perhaps, the world.  On the one side, you have those (Republican’s/conservatives) insisting that, despite White House Counterterrorism adviser John Brennan’s statement that the move to take Bin Laden out, was “the guttiest call ever made by a President,”  this President still does not deserve credit for capturing Osama Bin Laden.  Instead, they conclude that the military is responsible for the success of this mission because all the President did was watch the whole thing go down in the Situation Room.  Bleh.

The person we should be giving credit to for this remarkable capture, of course, is the hero, George W. Bush.  Yeah, remember that guy?  He was the one that was going to catch Osama Bin Laden! Except that six months after the 9/11 attacks, he was the guy who made this statement, resulting in one of many bonehead comments recorded in the history of any presidency.

But there is a much more extreme group of people out there within this faction and they are the “deather’s.” Now, do not confuse them with their cousin’s the “birther’s.”  President Obama proved to them last week that he is in fact a United States citizen, but there are those now who need another excuse to despise the guy.  These “deathers” now claim they do indeed need to see proof of Bin Laden’s demise, because the hard-hitting, fact-finding Fox News already claimed Bin Laden died back in 2001?  I’m not lying, this is really happening.

Welcome to 2011 and once again President Obama is required to prove his legitimacy.

He proved his citizenship last week in a press conference, denounced (in a funny way, of course) Donald Trumps claims on Saturday night and now he has done what no other president could do, and that is to capture and kill Osama Bin Laden.  But that is still not enough!! President Obama’s public statement to 50 million+ American’s on Sunday night could not convince them either.  Instead, he may now have to prove it with horrific pictures of a dead corpse, which in my opinion will do nothing, absolutely nothing, but unleash greater furor towards an “arrogant” United States, from the rest of the world.

Except, his faction I can handle.  You will never be able to prove them wrong, this I have learned to accept.

Rather,  there is this other faction, those on the Left, who insist that they “hate ‘progressives’ who only support human rights when the Republicans are in charge.” I find this charge rather…offensive.  As a progressive, I stand behind progressive fundamentals of human rights, international law and respecting sovereign states.  But to diminish those of us who support President Obama’s decision and characterizing us as if we are denouncing our ACLU membership cards just because he’s Democrat, is not right.  I understand that you have a right to be upset about how things were handled. American’s have been screwed royally in the past by former administrations, including this one (Guantanamo Bay) so I understand why we would be cynical about a covert operation in a sovereign land, killing an unarmed man, without the opportunity to a fair trial.

I get this.

But Osama Bin Laden was not just another man.  He was the mastermind behind the worst terrorist attack in our country and several others in the 1990s, which he even took responsibility for the bombing of USS Cole.  This may not be a good enough justification for that small minority who are not happy with how this operation ended, but many of us are and we stand by that. But for some in the Progressive movement to denounce those of us because of our so-called “cavalier” attitude towards this issue, is so not cool.  This man cost this country thousands of lives, trillions of dollars and unimaginable heartbreak.  While yes, he was just one man, by his departure from this earth, many of us are in fact “psychologically liberated.”

I am not sure what the coming days and weeks hold.  Perhaps, as more information is released, providing further details on the events that took place on May 1, we can reach a conclusion. Despite what the outcome is however, it does not mean we should not come together as Progressives and hold our leaders accountable.  For years we have been tackling the challenges of the last ten years, promising ourselves that we would not go back to those days where fear ruled the day.  Have we really moved forward with a clear vision of what are goals are as progressives?  If we want our two wars to end, where is our war movement?  If we want to protect workers rights’, produce more and better jobs and greater infrastructure for America, where are we on election night? If we truly care for reform in immigration, financial services, health care, etc — what are we doing about that now to make that happen?  If we put as much effort on these issues as we do on seeking to debunk conspiracy theories like we have in the last 48 hours, imagine what all we could accomplish?  Can we close this chapter in our history and move forward by making a difference or do we continue to relish in our differences?  I am not ready to quit and I hope my progressive brothers and sisters aren’t either.

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