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Journalism: Wanted Alive Not Dead (Eff the Media)

I have not blogged in over a week.  When I started this site a month ago, I was specific on what I wanted to focus on. Although my intentions are good, “oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood…” OOPS!  Actually, my intentions are for good, but the last week in news and current events, my interests have waned significantly. Everywhere I look, everywhere I turn…it’s the same ole’ bullshit.  Is Donald Trump going to run for President?  Was President Obama born in the United States?  Is Fox News fair and balanced? What will the Royal Wedding attendees be wearing? All this…irrelevant!  A complete circus, with no one stating the obvious.  Everywhere we turn, these stories are what we are fed during our 24 hour news cycle.  It just never stops!

I know…this is an ongoing issue and people from all over are asking the same questions.  But I am really worried that I currently live in a country where the people living in it, are more concerned about who is winning on Dancing With The Stars rather then looking to help out that guy living in his car. Listen, I hate being one of these: but seriously…have we really hit a peak?  Are we no longer capable of such greatness of the past?  I’d like to say we still have more miles in this old girl we call America…but when you have this guy and this other one as the lead story on every news outlet in the country, and we validate what he or she says and does, we are done.

Frustrations aside, I have decided to continue to find a reason to write and hopefully get away from the nonsense we see everyday.  I will no longer dignify the stupidity of the Right and their justification for questioning our President’s birth certificate.  I will not engage in petty arguments with those who claim they have the answer, when all they do is hear “so-called” facts from Rush Limbaugh.  Furthermore, I will not stay silent when friend’s or family (or strangers for that matter) discuss race in America as if we’re still living in ugliest days of the Civil Right’s Era.  Don’t even get me started about the conversations and jokes made by my family during Easter Sunday.

The bottomline is that while yes, I have endured a week of writers block and utter frustration from everything that is going on in the world right now and how it is being played out in the media, I have to say I have strived to find a silver lining in some of the horrible stories out there.  I am stoked at the unraveling of the strong progressive and labor movement ignited from protests in Ohio and Wisconsin. I am psyched that despite the ongoing economic issues facing states like Michigan, it is encouraging to see a generation of students willing to get arrested for their right to an education (unfortunately MSM is too busy to report on it)  I am encouraged by like-minded Seniors, vocalizing their distaste for Paul Ryan’s plans to eliminate the livelihood of millions of American’s all over the country (plus my giddiness re: Senator Reid’s possible up/down vote on Ryan’s plan, right on the Senate floor). Finally, despite the high cost of gas prices, people are starting to realize we currently face a major energy crisis and we need to move on from our crutch…oil and tax those bastard oil companies.

*deep breath*

Venting complete.  Let’s move on.

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