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Supporting President Obama is an abomination. Happy “Taxed. Enough. Already.” Day!

As I gassed up my Herbie this morning at the relatively empty gas station in Roswell, New Mexico…I was approached by a man looking at my Obama 08′ bumper stickers asking, “are you planning to vote for him, again?”  My first thought was, “great…here we go again.” As I’ve mentioned a few times before on this blog, I currently live in the most conservative region of the state of New Mexico and conversations that start with this question, usually do not end well.  So as I start to turn around, the guy asking me this question then continues with the sentence, “if Republican’s hate Obama this much, then I’m definitely voting for him.”  Whew!  

As our conversation progressed for the next thirty dollars, he continued to question me on my Obama 2008 bumper stickers and how is it that I can manage to survive a place like this, especially because it is a clear reflection of the South forty years ago? Well…to defend my region of the state, I hope the people here are slightly better than the worst people in the Deep South forty or fifty years ago.  I understand that there is no doubt many people all over the country are still not interested in the idea of having an African American as their President, including my current neck of the woods.  As I popped the lid back into the gas tank and felt my heart sink as I noticed the total amount spent on a full tank of gas, our conversation ended with this man saying something pretty Westboro Baptist Church-like, “most people around here see your Obama bumper stickers as an abomination.”  This is true.

He is right.  As the very right wing of the Republican Party continues to have this ongoing and very public and irrelevant discussion about President Obama’s birth certificate, I am thoroughly convinced that I have never seen such outright racism in all my life. Many will claim otherwise, but it’s troubling how conservative groups justify this continuous call for the President’s certificate of baptism/circumcision, even after federal law specifically states that in order to run and be President of the United States, you have to be born in the United States.  Yet, states like Arizona, insist on demanding more from President Obama when the US Constitution already does this.  Why have these requests never been asked of any other president to date?  To say laws like this do not directly target the President and public servants of color, is irresponsible and outright infringing on our constitution.  Furthermore, why do people like Marilyn Davenport send out derogatory emails and says it’s ok to be funny about race because she has friends who are “black?”  If these various examples, from the highest level of government, to the local level, are not a reflection of racism in America today, then what is? What does constitute racism in America today? You would think that after 150 years since the first shots of the Civil War were fired, this country would put racism behind us. Wishful thinking.  I am happy to applaud Jan Brewer for finally doing the right thing and I hope other states follow suite. 

Speaking of racism, today is Patriots Day or what some like to call, Taxed Enough Already Day.* Coincidentally, Mother Jones produced this piece of information, illustrating how the rich are able to get around the tax code by paying less taxes then the rest of us, including Tea Party supporters.  It’s a good read, so please check it out.  

As we reach the end of another tax season and we enter the “tax” discussion and an attempt to end Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, I am reluctant to put so much faith in the American people.  Lately, their inability to focus on the actual discussion while being distracted by propaganda fueled by far right entities, always makes me nervous.  But in all honesty, I have to remain hopeful.  I am optimisitc that in  the coming weeks our chances as progressives, will influence the conversation and make a real difference on the debate.  We are in a position to be the driving force of the conversation, halting the GOP from gutting some of our most progressive fundamental’s. 

That is my hope.   

*The Tea Party is an entity I portray as racist.

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