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Crisis Averted!!!!!…(For Now)

With just a few minutes after midnight (EST) Congress has moved forward with a six day deal, to avert a government shutdown and hopefully lead to funding for the rest of the fiscal year.  I know very little of what was negotiated from the last minute discussions, but what we do know is that Planned Parenthood and environmental issues, which clearly became part of the debate all week long and were on the table for cuts in federal funding, will no longer be the case. However, the real question remains on the $39 billion spending cuts the Democrats conceded in return to keep both entities in tact.

This arrangement came just a week after  a long fought battle between Democrats and Republican’s who struggled to compromise and lead to a great deal of stress for the 800,000+ federal workers expecting to see the government shutdown.  Soon after congressional leadership cut the final deal, reaction from both sides of the political isle have come forward to speak out on the defense of either side, some more than others.

“It’s all that one-half of one-third of the government can hope for,” said Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), emerging from a caucus meeting after the deal was struck. “In democracy, you compromise.”  Really, dude?  “In democracy, you compromise?”  We’ve been asking you people to compromise for the last two years.  Not quite sure what finally made you participate in our democracy, but it is about time.  Maybe it was the fact that once again, Democrats have had to compromise more than what we should have in order to keep the government from shutting down.  It’s like Ezra Klein from the Washington Post stated tonight on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, “To watch the Democrats celebrate something they did not want, is quite peculiar.”  Yes, it sure is.

It’s scary, because we’re facing a very interesting week that will definitely look a lot like something we experienced late last fall, when it was agreed upon to extend the Bush tax cuts, all done behind closed doors.  I’m

happy that Planned Parenthood was saved, I’m actually ecstatic! The caveat however, is we all knew something would have to be compromised and that’s where the $39 billion comes in.  We still do not know who will be affected, but like every other debate we have had with the GOP, it’s only obvious that the working class is whom will be targeted in this fight.

So…here we are, waiting another six days for some finale, but this has really only just begun.  From this fight, we go on to debate funding the rest of the year, then the debt ceiling, and then the 2012 budget…((sigh))

This may never end.

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