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Path to Prosperity = We’re Screwed.

“Our budget literally pays off the debt.”  This was a quote from News Hour, made today by Paul Ryan, Chairman of

Congressman Paul Ryan

the House Budget Committee.  He wants to privatize Social Security and see less people on Medicaid.  He is hoping that American‘s will have more jobs and more success and then they will not have to be using up these services…because obviously it’s their fault for not pulling themselves up from their boot straps and out of poverty.  If we cut the programs, jobs are bound to flourish and the deficit will then become a surplus.  Right, Paul Ryan.  Right. You would think Republican’s would do a better job of electing their representatives.  Where do they find these guys?

Today, Congressman Ryan introduced the Republican budget, cutting a gazillion dollars in federal spending which would directly affect American’s who currently depend on Medicaid and Social Security.  For example, my parents who are in their early 70s will not be affected by this plan immediately because they’re already in the system.  But my siblings, who pretty soon will face that frightful age of “54,” will not have access to the same kind of coverage that my parent’s currently benefit from.  Instead, they will be forced to buy private insurance using a subsidized, fixed amount from the federal government.  Think about this.  Privatized insurance company.  The same companies who I am sure the Republican’s were in bed with during the health care debate, buying their votes to shoot down any chance of universal health care for all.   Do not even get me started on what they’re planning to do with Medicaid and their stupid idea of “block grants.”  Really, GOP?  Really?  Did you not learn from this experiment back in 1996? Honestly, I could go on and on and on and on, but by describing the rest of the Republican plan would just keep you up all night tonight, tomorrow night, and the next night and the next night.  Just believe me, it’s bad.

Yup, you called it.  I hate this plan.  It does absolutely nothing to help our current economic situation and instead, puts all the pressure on the poor, who quite frankly, could really use the break right now.  It’s funny how Paul Ryan speaks so enthusiastically about this plan, as if it’s the greatest thing ever, while he doesn’t bother to mention the real issue within this plan.  Yeah…what I mentioned above, isn’t even the worst thing about the plan.  He never once talks about the gigantic tax cuts given to the rich.  So while he discusses the ever-growing deficit and how government is failing us and it’s the reason for our country’s demise, he deliberately fails to mention the fact that the rich pay no taxes.  The rich will not pay…more taxes.  So as millions of families struggle to find the necessary resources to sustain their livelihood, we watch the Donald Trumps of the world lay the ground work for the shutting down of our government.

So here we are, three days from a possible shut down, a shut down that the majority of the Republican base wants to happen…in fact pleading!  This is the perfect time to come out and state the obvious.  Republican’s are thieves stealing from the poor to give more to corporate thieves.  If American’s do not get this, then how dumb are we, really? Have we reached a point in our democracy where we no longer have a conscience?  Do people out there actually believe that what the Republican’s are doing…this hijacking if you will, taking away our ability to crawl out of this economic mess?  Is this ok?

Rachel Maddow had a great analogy tonight, which is sad…but true.  Progressives are playing chicken with

Avoid at all costs.

Republican’s right now, all the while we know exactly how far they will go to win, based on their ideological principles.  To what point do we take this situation for what it is and call them out on it or do we hold back and just watch this situation unravel into something catastrophic like we do every other policy issue from the last two years?   I’m tired of compromising with the Republican’s.  I’ve been tired  of compromising since January, 2009.  The President and Democratic leaders need to stand up for what is right and stop this madness, or else we’re all going down that cliff with the Republican’s, yet it will be the working poor who will not survive.

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  1. April 7, 2011 at 11:53 PM

    You said it all, Sistah. Your post is dead-on. Ryan’s mess is all revamped previously failed GOP bullpucky. The President needs to call him and Boehner on their B.S., and point a finger at the cause of the shutdown, the GOP (who are apparently kow-towing to the Teabaggers). What a ridiculous mess. No more compromise! Make it clear to the American people exactly what will happen in a shutdown and who is the cause!

    Great post, Girlfriend, as always. Got me all riled up – will have to post on the topic as well! 🙂

  2. April 8, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    Thank you! I always appreciate your words of wisdom!

  1. August 25, 2011 at 12:06 AM

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