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I have nothing to say…

other than that Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated 43 years ago today, as he supported the right’s of sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee.  It’s amazing to me that after forty three years, we still can’t get our shit together.

It’s funny.  Since watching the debacle go down in Michigan and Ohio, I am amazed at how many people out there (primarily

Martin Luther King, Jr.

conservative pundits and those who listen and follow their every word) seriously believe the state workers fighting for collective bargaining are an utter nuisance — an inconvenience to the rest of the country.  I understand there are reasons for some dismay towards unions and those who support them, but since when did we get to a point where fighting for the right of a worker became such belittled cause?

There are reasons we celebrate strong leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez.  They helped pave a way for these collective bargaining rights in an effort to greatly improve work conditions.  By doing so, a worker is happier and production is better…a win/win, right?  What I hear from conservatives instead is their complete disregard for workers rights and strong support for corporate thievery.

And this is what gets me.  There are still middle class American‘s, even poor and exploited workers, across this nation who would rather support conservatives like the Republican Party who are publicly, PUBLICLY backing corporations and denying rights to workers.  I understand there is a deep rooted commitment to your ideology and your complete support for a particular party no matter what, but at what cost?  Honestly.  When does a long-time Republican party member, watching all that is going on, finally decide it is time to move on to something else?  When does a supporter of the Grand Ole’ Party finally reach a point of accepting the fact that Governor Walker, Senator Michelle Bachman and Governor LePage are not fit to represent or speak for them?

Today’s Republican party has no platform to stand by other than the fact that they are anti-“everything Democrats support in order to win an election,” even at the cost of having this country spin out of control.  Republican’s are against the working class, those living in poverty, women, children, Seniors, you name it, they’re willing to take them down.  So who is left?  Who can possibly revive this party and put them in the running?

Today, President Obama officially announced his re-election bid, with no promising candidate on the other side…as of now.  The last two months have proved to many voters on the Right, that they made a poor decision in voting for their Republican or Tea Party representatives. But then again, maybe spending time on removing women’s right’s to access for reproductive health and proving to America that President Obama is really not American, is in fact just what they wanted.  If this is the case, then it will be a long road to November 2012.

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