>I was going to write up something the minute the midterm elections concluded two weeks ago. However, I just did not feel right. Perhaps it could be because we got our asses beat and I was left with very little to say, but it was a bit more than that I think. Since the evening of the election and recreating the evening over and over in my mind, I have come to the realization that things went bad, but they could have been a lot worse.

Yes, we now have a majority of Republican’s in the House. This I get. But c’mon, I studied political science. Poli Sci 101 specifically taught me that House members, while important, generally are more, radical. They tend to each vote based on their political ideologies but that the Senate in the end, being more practical, can put out more realistic legislation in the end or stop legislation from going through at all. Despite how much Lawrence O’Donnell scared the beejeesus out of me on election night, I think Republican’s can do very little in the next two years because at the end of the evening of election night, the Senate still belonged to the Democrats, which however way you see it, was good news in the end.

I have no idea if the previous paragraph made much sense and I really do not want to go back and revise it, but the bottom line is that we’re still ok, I think. I mean, we’re still not going to get shizz done in the next two years, because if the Republican’s were already obstructionists prior to the election, it will be worse now. The silver lining however, after all this misery is that perhaps American’s will finally get on the ball and realize where we are headed if we continue to support a right wing agenda from the likes of Boehner and Cantor and all their “young guns” bringing forth their “new plan” January 1st.

On another scarier note, yesterday I read about a Pew study that was recently conducted about how a little under half of American’s surveyed had no idea that the Republican party had taken control of the House. Yes, almost half of American’s do not know this. Yet most of American’s are spending their time and effort voting for the Bristol Palin’s and Justin Bieber’s of the world on reality TV and actually consider Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman relevant in our political debate.

I still remain an optimist. Believe me, it isn’t easy. Considering that I am currently living in a state where we elected our first Hispanic female governor Susana Martinez…I’m barely hanging by a thread. My only hope is that constituencies across our great country will finally…FINALLY wake up and realize that the road the Right-wing nut jobs are taking us is quite awful and reconsider what they produced two weeks ago.

The next thing we have to do as progressives is make sure that this election is capitalize on what could have been but did not occur. The Tea Party is not that powerful. If anything, they hijacked our political debate and materialized in huge campaign when in fact it was all an illusion produced by the media, both left and right. Progressives need to continue to push our agenda in the next two years, while still accepting and defending our progress in the last two years. I mean c’mon…we did a lot of great work! Why didn’t we defend it this campaign season? We should not wait until the last minute to spur any momentum because by then it is too late. We need to begin now otherwise, what was ultimately predicted this last election, will become reality in 2012. That I cannot handle.

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