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>Leaving LA in less than 5 days. Very sad about saying bye to LA and friends, but feeling that excitment I get when I'm starting something new. Reason why I haven't written in awhile, been so busy.

On the politics front? Still #hcr!! Saturday the Senate voted to start the debate, however at least 4 Democratic Senators have already said they're going to vote no against a public option. I swear, these Blue Dogs are seriously annoying the heck out of me. I know the imporance of fiscal responsibility, however…everyone deserves healthcare at whatever cost. Let's do this already. The President is expected to make an announcement on Afghanistan on 12/1. We're all expecting him to send troops, but how many? Should I begin to write letters letting the Fed Govt know that I'm against the war and I'd like my tax dollars to go to #hcr? This is the Republican argument on federal funding going to pay for abortions, why can't we have the same argument with the war?

Anyways, there may be a vote on #hcr through xmas eve…ill be watching from New Mexico…

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