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>Capitalism: A Love Story

>Say what you will about Michael Moore, but after watching Capitalism: A Love Story tonight, I am once again reminded of why I am devoted to the public interest of this country. We all know who Michael Moore is. He’s known for his films and those on the right see him as an utter insult to the America, however…and I am obviously bias as I’m just as progressive as Mr. Moore, but in all honesty…how can you possibly disagree with what is portrayed in this film? Yes, I am a person, like many others who have benefited from capitalism. There is no disputing that. But we also live in a democracy, which I believe supersedes any capitalist ideology in existence today. “I refuse to live in a country like this…but I’m not leaving,” is by far the greatest line ever in the film! Why? Because remember 8 years ago and then 4 years ago…when both times we had to deal with George Dub being “elected” then “re-elected?” All of us liberals declared an end to our United States citizenship, threatening to jump the border into Canada because we “refuse to live in a country like this…” We’re still here.

We’re about a week and a half away from reaching our one year anniversary of American’s like myself, coming together to change the direction of this country. We were sick and tired of the corruption, chaos and madness that took place for 8 solid years under the Bush administration and we demanded an alternative to the destruction we had all been witnessing. Not to give all the credit to President Obama, but while we’re still relatively fucked right now…things I’d say are better than they were one year ago today. Am I wrong about that? Financially, things are still pretty bad, millions of people continue to lose their homes to foreclosure, hard working American’s continue to lose their jobs every single day and households who are receiving income are seeing the majority of it go to pay of extremely high debt. Moreover, we have two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with the threat of prolonging one of those battles and possibly engaging in further battles with Iran and Pakistan. In addition we are reaching the end of a third month of the health care debate. Ok…so things aren’t so great.

I’m utterly disgusted with the arguments the talking heads on the right and left have in regards to Obama’s performance in the last 10 months. When are they finally going to realize that they are in fact contradicting their support of Bush when they point out Obama’s inability to turn things around? So things were bad right?!?! Where were these talking heads 4 to 8 years ago, when all the bad things began to take place?

I know Obama is pissing a lot of us off. Here we have health reform and the public option being handed to us and there is Obama…freakin courting Olympia Snowe! It’s frustrating and I pray to God that he’s got some strategy behind this because a lot of us still believe in him. While the rest expect him to fail, we still expect him to be the President we elected him to be. That said, those of us that did all we can in 2008 to get Obama elected, to help protect the greater good of this country, we cannot led up. We need to step it up and make sure that we are not screwed over by this President the way we were with Bush.

Capitalism: A Love Story, was a just a reminder of what we can do if we work together. As easily as we elected a President and Congress, as easily we can remove you. But let’s be smart about this…hopefully things will begin to turn around in the coming months…if not? Ten words. R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N

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