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>Will Sen. Grassley ever fight for the rights of the people he represents?

>Months after the health care discussion began, Sen. Grassley still does not seem to understand how to compromise. The word "no" seems to be the only word which seems to exist in his vocab. For someone that has been in the discussion from the beginning, making agreements and participating in discussions and then to finaly go against what he previously agreed upon, is just plain awful. Sen. Grassley, this isn't a game, this is our lives your messing with. You're seriously politicizing this whole debate. When will you finally wake up and realize that what you're doing is making the situation worse and prolonging relief for all of us?

For someone like me, who really does belief in equal rights for everyone, including the notion that health care is a right not a privledge, I'm disheartened at how this debate has turned into the battle of our lives. Who could possibly disagree with the notion that all Americans should have access to high quality health care? Sen. Grassley that's who! And not just him, but also every other highly ranked Republican in Congress, in addition to all the right wing pundits on the radio and the television. Listen, I know its all about limiting government interference and decrease our deficit, but seriously? Why haven't they been more committed before? For over 50 years, we've pushed this idea fiscal responsibility and small government yet its never worked and instead, our country has spiraled out of control. People want health care reform all over the country, and as we continue to live in a nation attempting to pursue a democracy, it is the wishes of the American people that should be taken into consideration, not have Congress listen to corporate lobbyists who happen to be making billions off all of us. How can anyone support that?

There is a reason that the Dems won last Novemeber. They won because things have obviously not been going well the last 8yrs under the Republican party's leadership. Dems need to step it up! We have a lot of work to do and we need to make it happen, otherwise…November 2010 will come real quickly and the legacy of the Democratic party will be, leaders appointed to represent the people, who can't deliver.

Sen. Grassley, for a man who I once respected, you have become a major disappointment. How can you possibly live with yourself, as you influence your party to rob the American people of their right and entitlementto affordable, quality healthcare?

Anyway, I'm venting. I saw Sen. Grassley on the senate floor this afternoon regarding his new argument towards the new state public option "opt out" discussion now floating around and I was seriously overcome with anger at the thought that this is the Republican leadership right now. Its quite sad and frightening, all at the same time. I'm hoping forthe best, however, its hard to think positive when our Dems are scared to rul and th Repubs are being, well…Repubs

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