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>Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

>I understand we are all frustrated about the POTUS, with not seeing immediate results to correcting a lot of what was brought upon us during the Bush years. With that said, I still think that we need to support him, while holding him accountable. Today’s win of the Nobel Peace Prize is really quite spectacular! Think about it. Unlike our previous administration, our POTUS is finally doing or attempting to do something we have yearned for but have not seen in a very long time and that is diplomacy and a sense of international community. Some of us may feel like he has not done anything so far to deserve this prestigious award, but obviously the rest of the world feels differently. It just seems that the world has embraced his ideology for peace and a sense of community and that right there is a major win for America, not just Obama. I am a huge proponent of ending the war in Afghanistan and I see this Nobel Peace Prize win from the committee as not just an award for Obama but as a symbol and perhaps a silent call to the President that “the world is watching” and is looking to him to stay the course and move towards peace and maybe an end to a 9 year war.

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