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>It’s been 10 months…

>and already President Obama is losing support from both sides of the aisle. Of course, it’s to be expected from the Republicans…we always knew their whole platform from the beginning was to see him and his administration fail. But what is more surprising to me however, is how quickly Obama supporters have jumped ship. I understand that we elected President Obama for a reason; an opportunity to leave behind the Bush days and move forward onto a path for better days. But just 10 months into his presidency, many of the staunch supporters from a year ago, have already turned their backs on our president and furthermore, from what I read and hear…many are more critical of Obama then they ever were towards George W. Bush…the worst American President EVER!

Bottom line. The GOP is not going to change. The Right will undoubtedly continue to not support the President and that is a fact. We have seen it for the last 10 months and unless there is this weird, much needed awakening of the Right and they begin to think about moving forward rather than politicizing everything they will continue to hate on Obama and his decisions, even despite Obama’s continued effort for bipartisanship. That’s the Right…now the Left? That’s another story. The Left needs to push the President and put Congress to serve us for the reasons we elected them for. The problem is we have not done that. We are not holding them accountable for anything, instead…we are giving up and already looking to not re-elect them in 2010. Yes, we need to hold that threat up, however we also have to advocate. How is it we were able to mobilize millions of people during election season a year ago, but we can’t mobilize people now for the health care debate or the war in Afghanistan? Yes, Obama did make promises when he was on the campaign trail and when he was inaugurated, but we also made a commitment ourselves. The commmitment was, “we would take back America and prevent it from spiraling out of control.”

We can’t blame Obama without blaming ourselves a little bit. We all had this belief that somehow on January 21, 2009…all our problems were going to be resolved. We were convinced that Obama was going to cure all our ills within the first 100 days, but come on people…let’s be realistic. If anything, what the President has done is actually show us how bad things really are. Think about it, things were bad under GWB, but with our new President, Obama has uncovered the realities that truly existed…things are truly worse than what we had actually expected and we can’t expect everything to be solved in just 10 months.

1) Healthcare — We are up against a lot of people in an effort to pass health care reform. I hate to say this, but the US has moved on to be a corporatist state. Its an ideological tendency, embedded into many serving us in Congress and we face a major risk of not getting anything out of health care this year because so many of those serving us in Congress are in bed with corporations who have taken over our country. Until we break away from this ideological perspective, the idea of privatization, we’re not going to get anything done when helping our people and our communities. Corporations make too many of our decisions and we need to put an end to this.

2) Afghanistan — We need to get the hell out of dodge. It was great to see Obama announce to the world this year that we would be exiting Iraq soon. But when will the same announcment be made for Afghanistan? We won’t. Whoever is advising the President, he’s being told that we have to stay and defeat the Taliban. Increasing troop levels in a highly dangerous region, sounds a lot like Vietnam to me. I understand where Obama is coming from and his belief that we need to go in and end this thing, but it’s not a winnable war and I wish he’d finally understand that. But rather than putting it all on the President, what we need is an effective anti-war movement. We have become so consumed with our daily lives that we do not realize how important this debate is and maybe we do realize its importance, but we choose to ignore it as we’ve become comfortable with the status quo. As a people against the war in Afghanistan, we need to step it up and become the democracy of people we are meant to be.

To reach a path we’re meant to be on as a country, I’d say we’re on the right track. American’s realized that the GOP were not doing anything during the last 8 years, hence Obama’s election and the Democrats taking Congress. However we shouldn’t have ended it there. The same passion and conviction we had as voters a year ago, we should be organizing our efforts towards pushing our representatives to vote in ways that will help our country and it’s citizens. I’m tired of feeling as if these radical righties are representative of the nation as a whole. The majority of the country still supports the President and we need to show that support by not ditching him in the gravest of times, but by countering those who are wishing on the failure of our country.

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