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>Re: So there goes Healthcare Reform?


Wendell Potter spoke before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee today giving a straightforward position on Senator Baucus' plan today.  Once an insurance executive, now turned whistle blower, Mr. Potter was pretty much begging the committee to support public option. Stating that Baucus' plan "would create a government-subsidized monopoly for the purchase of bare-bones, high deductible policies that would truly benefit Big Insurance. In other words, insurers would win; your constituents would lose."

When will we stop being so concerned about the insurance companies and their feelings?! They've screwed us long enough yet they manage to stay and even facilitate this health care debate. Baucus seriously needs to grow a pair or get out. He's obviously not in this for the American people and strictly protecting his butt from the insurance companies who are obviously responsible for his longevity in Congress.  Talk about campaign financing.

Dems seriously need to get with the program, come together and pass health care reform now!  Otherwise, we'll go elsewhere in 2010. 

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