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>This is one of my favorite Elliott Smith songs.
I’m currently in my room listening to music, in addition to the sounds of cars and trucks driving by along the very loud, 101 freeway.
I haven’t written on here in awhile as I’ve been very unmotivated and quite frankly, uninspired.

Angeles is a great song. Not sure if Smith was talking about LA per se, but when I do hear this song specifically it brings me back to reality, and me thinking to myself, “I freakin live in LA!” August will be four years that I’ve lived here and each day I still wake up as excited about this then the day before.

Yes, in fact I am a transplant from NM, but I have completely embraced Los Angeles as my new home and truly believe that I was meant to start a life here. A New Mexican will always believe that they’re NM’ican forever…and I confess that the same will apply to me. But for how much longer?…and that’s kinda scary.

Yesterday I got a call on a prospective endeavor in New Mexico, which many ambitious people, like myself, would probably take on in a heartbeat. However, my killer instinct, which about 99% of the time is accurate (on good days), told me to say no and not to even consider it.

Now, I really REALLY hope that yesterday was a good day for that killer instinct to kick in because I’m not the type of person that handles a state of “dwelling on things” very well and there may be times in the coming days where I could feel as if I should reconsider. However, as Angeles by Elliott Smith ends…and my interpretation of the song absorbs in my head and heart, I’m convinced that not only is living in LA awesome…but LA is now in fact my home and honestly, there is no looking back only forward.

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