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>Superbowl recap…

>As an NFL die hard fan, I’d have to say that tonight’s performance by both teams was exceptional. I’ve been watching this sport for years now and usually by the time you get to the actual Superbowl game, you already have an idea of who will come out on top and you know it’s probably going to be a blow out. This is exactly what I was thinking prior to the game. I could have honestly seen the Steelers take it by more than 20 points…however, the Cards put up a pretty good game. You look back and wonder, had they not had close to 100 yards in penalties, would they have taken it all? Possibly, but we’ll never know and I guess you can’t take anything away from the Steelers either because they played a great game, except for that bone head play by James Harrison in th end. He had a great 100 yd run, but that personal foul in the 4th could have ended it for Pittsburgh. Overall…it was a great game and it’s sad to see football over for now…

Also, regarding the half time show by “the Boss,” I was nostalgic and my eyes I think glistened a bit when the E Street band played Glory Days. Had they performed Dancing in the Dark, I think I would have lost it. I think it was funny early on in the performance when Bruce slid on his knees towards the camera man…I’m thinking he had to have gotten racked pretty hard I’d say.

It’s Monday in 44 minutes…yuck!

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