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>Jason Mraz is underrated…

>I just got done watching SNL, which I rarely do nowadays because the writing is so bad, but tonight I happened to be skimming through my channels when I noticed that Jason Mraz was about to perform. I’ve always had this sort of teenage crush on him from back in the day in 2003 when I was driving out to Washington DC and his song “The Remedy” was pretty popular and everytime I hear that song I always think about that particular road trip…anyways, tonight…seeing his live performance, I was once again convinced of why this tiny crush exists.

Not sure if anyone cares, but his new song…”I’m Yours,” that single was released like 3 years ago, but it wasn’t until a concert he did last year, in which he performed it, did it become so popular and he re-released it and I think it’s actually topped much higher on the charts then any of his other popular songs. I always did like that song. Anyways…he performed tonight and it was a really great performance.

Superbowl is tomorrow (or today) and I am seriously considering not watching. Not sure why I’m not interested, as it is usually a big event for me. I have not missed watching a superbowl since I was like nine or something…Go Steelers?

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