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>Public Trans + City of LA = So will never happen…

>Something that just came to mind as I was parking my car in the driveway this evening…

When I was living in Washington, DC, one of my favorite things to do (and still is when I’m visiting) is riding on a bus or the metro . A car is absolutely unneccessary. Public trans is seriously the best way to travel in and around the city, plus it’s cheap and convenient as hell and so easy!!

LA…on the other hand, is a completely different story. Public trans in Los Angeles is not practical and very inconvenient. Believe me…I’ve jumped on the blue line from Long Beach to downtown LA and it’s taken me 2 hours….2HOURS!!! In my car….20 to 40 minutes depending on traffic…TOPS!

I have friends that are totally psyched about the gold line coming through east LA because they think that it will be something that they will use all the time and “oh so convenient..bar crawls here we come!”

That’s bogus. Take me for instance…I live three blocks from work and I still drive most days. Yeah, yeah, i should be embarrassed to say that but it’s more convenient and if you ask every other Angeleno they will tell you the exact same thing. We are madly in love with our cars!! We are conditioned to depend on them and there is just this strong connection for that four wheeled machine. That is our culture and it will never die. If you were to put a metro stop right up the street from your home, people will constantly come up with an excuse as to why they’re better off driving then taking public trans. It is a proven fact…believe me. It’s not to say that it’s right…but it’s done enough to prove me correctly.

I was thinking about this early this morning as I was trying to get to bed and I thought it was particularly funny. I was laughing to myself as I lay in bed. I don’t know if it was the effects of the drugs I had just taken for my cold or what, but it was a hysterical laughter that I could not contain. As I was driving in to my house this evening and bypassing people at the corner waiting for the bus, I began to wonder about it once again, except this time…not so funny.

Cars mean freedom. I’ve always believed this personally and coming from a girl who started driving when she was 7 years old (rural New Mexico folks…there is nothing to do but drive around and cruise) I know this to be true. I always thought how cool it would be to just drive forever…travelling to all parts of the country. Now, mind you it’s different here in LA, where you would think people would lessen their driving because of the traffic, but they don’t. So I have absolutely no explanation except for that we just love our cars too much and that public trans, while convenient and cool to some in other parts of the country, will never become in vogue in LA. The idea of public trans here in LA has just taken to long to incorporate into the planning of the city and into the minds of those living in this city…we are too afraid to let go of the key in the ignition. Higher gas prices didn’t really change that lifestyle in 2008…not sure exactly what will. When you find out the answer…let me know.

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