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>Oh how I’ve missed you…

>It was 7 years ago this month that I began my own personal blog. Back then it was just random jibberish I would type up during my uneventful days working at the New Mexico legislature. I would sit at my cubicle…looking at a long list of democratic bills needing to be analyzed and my mind would just go…blank. My mind wandering in every direction, I would always go back to my hotmail and stare at my empty inbox. “Where was everyone?” I would ask myself, not at all understanding that on a Wednesday afternoon, about 2pm…people worked. Somehow I had a hard time grappling with this and it was infuriating. Some would say that it was out of boredom, but it was mostly done out of spite. I began to write random emails about my daily life and I would email them to everyone that I knew. The thought of writing random paragraphs about my life in boring Santa Fe, New Mexico gave me such a high that when I would click send, it was absolutely exihilarting. Into the world wide web this email would go, being delivered to the inboxes of all my friends and family. Fewer than five found this to be funny and entertaining, while most blocked my address or asked me to remove them from my list. Others would respond with concerns of possible psychological imbalance on my end. However through that process, I did eventually gain a small audience of about 3, who even to this day continue to ask “when will you make your grand return?”


Tonight…maybe because I am miserable with a cold, with LA weather outside at 80 degrees, and an inability to sleep, I have decided to once again take a chance and put my brilliant thoughts and ideas on paper…er, blogspot. I do not like that it’s 12:48am and I’m sitting here wide awake, nose dripping, head aching…while the rest of the world sleeps. It’s time.

I’m not sure exactly what I will write about, but what I do know is even though they may be words of high intellect and of great importance… I hope to entertain people once again. Seven years ago, I always thought that my words of wisdom would eventually lead to major fame and fortune. Some will tell you that I have in fact reached a certain pinnacle of fame, yet fortune is something I continue to lack…but still thrive for. This continues to be true.

Maybe 2009 will be good to me…just maybe…

“How often will you write?” my followers will ask. Just look out for it, is my only reply. Words of wisdom and knowledge have a difficult time escaping from this thing we call a brain…

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